Finnes den perfekte organisasjon?

I dag fikk jeg en artikkel fra min gode venn Jim Orred. Han er en av seniorlederne i Ungdom i Oppdrag Internasjonalt, og bor til daglig på Hawaii. Han skriver om organisasjonsliv, på en måte som er lett gjenkjennbar for meg som har jobbet i en kristen organisasjon i snart 20 år.

Les og nyt:

My friend was venting via text message to me (would that be ‘vexting’?) at his great disappointment in some of my fellow leaders. He even challenged my performance. I had a feeling he was about to bail. I could really identify with his feelings, though I have not often expressed them verbally.
Much of my life I have dreamed about finding the ultimate organization, working with the most amazing and perfect leaders, finding the best friends.
That search has now ended.
Magazine editors search for the best hotels, burgers, coffee, or city. Which are America’s best universities?
Top-ten lists abound. People find marketing hard to resist.
The ultimate perfection is not found in glossy magazines.  Photoshop does not work in real life.
My earlier years were spent dreaming that one day I would find the best group of people to join. Disappointment abounded. Optimism faded. That sort of organization did not exist. The people I met were all on a journey, looking for glory, most also looking for beauty and the ultimate job, home, family, or group to belong to.
Of course, as geographical or historical distance grew, the more amazing the person or group appeared.
Surely, there is something magical when a visionary leader casts a picture of a better world, where diverse people join their efforts to bring change.
Humility can clothe relationships, and perseverance when added, combines with faith to form something new and beautiful. I have seen that many times.
It happens when the ugly gets kissed by a prince, and she becomes beautiful.
But too many people are waiting for that kiss, instead of being that kiss.
Those organizations that look so slick in the PR materials, are actually filled with normal people with struggles, disappointment, and dysfunctional leadership. Bad breath happens.  And worse.
There is no perfect org chart. No perfect group. If such a group existed, as the saying goes, “it would cease being perfect the moment you joined it.“
In the year of our Lord, 2012, I got happy with my group. I really think that the Ultimate Leader with all wisdom, love, and power has led me to a group of people. My tribe. A very imperfect tribe, but one that has become like family to me.
Every family has both glory and shame.  (a quote from my wife.)
“I am again in travail until Christ is formed in you (plural).” This was a leader’s goal for one of his communities. It is God’s goal for your community. Our planet will be filled with the knowledge of amazing-ness, a glory we have yet to see in fullness, but we all yearn for.
Some never find rest. They wander, looking, seeking…because they know the ultimate community is out there somewhere. But inheritance only comes via one’s tribe, as Israel discovered when they settled in the land of Canaan.  No clan; no land.
This burning desire is put in our hearts to cause us to journey towards it. Our collective history began in a garden.  But it will culminate in a city, ‘prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.  They will be His people and He will be with them. He will make all things new.”  He commits to us now without reservation.  How can you and I not do the same to some very real people in our circles of relationships?
I find that God really likes me to have some irregular people in my life. Some of them are quirky, all are human.  Some probably find me quirky, too.
I like this statement: be vulnerable enough so people can connect with you,
and strong enough so they respect you. That reminds me of Jesus, whose mix of the divine and human was amazing. ‘Bear with one another’ has new meaning. It is a good command. I need to hear that daily.
His mother and brothers came to do an intervention, to take him out of his ministry.  They failed.  They didn’t get him.  He bore with them, graciously.
When you and I commit to serve those around us, something amazing happens! The whole thing gets better. Beauty emerges. Something about commitment brings out the best in people. It is contagious. Change happens. Perfection doesn’t. But the goal is not to be slick. It is to connect, serve, love, and walk together so the world becomes a better place in our corner.
Joy is not found in the relentless search for the best. It is found in being it.


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