Hvor er du plassert?

I går fikk jeg en e-post av min gode venn Jim Orred. I ny og ne sender han meg noen refleksjoner. Alltid spennende lesning. Her er mailen jeg fikk i går:

My wife, Judy, likes to say that we’re all on ‘the spectrum’! What does that even mean? My colleague tells the following story of his growth in spiritual leadership:

A trusted prophetic person gave me a word: “God wants to give you a shepherd’s heart.” 

Oh no! I thought, “I don’t want one, and I don’t like that word.”

I am wired for the task and wake up every day wanting to get the job done. 

He describes how he had to learn that any leadership role necessarily included dealing with relational strains and conflicts. Not his favorite thing at all. He did grow in this area, but it will never be his strong suit. Nor should it.

Task-orientation or people-orientation? Everyone falls somewhere on that spectrum. People-oriented or ‘get the job done’-oriented. Think about it: this applies to any part of organized life: family, church, or business.

Apple visionary Steve Jobs was not known from his personal charm. But I’m so glad that he lived, created products like the MacBook Air I’m using as we speak. He was not easy to work closely with. But he led with innovation and created huge successes in business.

The pot can’t say to the potter, ‘I don’t like how you made me.’

But we do. Behind closed doors in our minds. All of us. Maturing happens when we understand and embrace the truth about how we are wired. And how others are.

And when we position ourselves in a fit with others resulting in growth. This means that we will seek more than personal comfort. There will be disagreements, tension, and challenges. 

If you get married, you will find someone different than you. That can create a family. It’s not easy. But the goal is not just to feel good

In any organized group, success only happens when people are joined together. People with diverse talents. 

In the world of team sports, who is the most important person? The star player or the head coach? Is defense or offense more important? Or the media that bring sports into the lives of millions? Without owners and management, you would never have stadiums built, tickets sold, or contracts signed.

Which role is more important: the chief executive of a company or middle management? The research and development team or marketing? Creatives or lawyers?

Then the answer is both/and. Life must be lived in teams, and each role is necessary. Especially yours! You and I will view the world through our particular value system. Your role is vital, and you should feel that your gifts are important. Because they are when seen in a larger context.

Leaders that grow organizations must deal with all of the various people and their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders must cast vision, initiate new things, and work with objectives, strategy, and tactics. But if they don’t create a culture that values people and relationships their success will be short-lived and turbulent.

So my questions to you are: Where are you on the spectrum? And how will you position yourself to join others and make some initiative successful? What do you bring to the table?

The Kingdom is promised to experience exponential growth. This means greater numbers, as well as greater depth. Quantity and quality. Breakthrough and sustainability. It’s never either/or.

I hope your week goes well, and you find a way to be a part of the expansion of God’s Kingdom wherever you find yourself ‘all-in’ this week!